To zoom or not to zoom

To zoom or not to zoom. That is the question. Why? Well recently I have been posting images old and new on my new blog. In my blog posts I am trying to tell the story of each image, and the technical side of the image capture and processing that I have done to get the finished product you can see.

My lens range is as follows (all Canon)

8-15mm F4L

17-40mm F4L

24-105mm F4L

100-400mm F4L

I also have a 40mm F2.8 STM lens, which I am about to sell as I have hardly used it since buying it. I am going to replace with the "nifty fifty" new Canon 50mm F1.8 for specific use reasons.

Back to the zooms, and the thing I have just noticed. 

Most of the images I have worked on recently and posted about were taken at one extreme end of the zoom range. 

the 8-15 fisheye zoom is unique in that it is in effect two lenses in one, an 8mm circular fisheye and a 15mm full frame fisheye. The bits in between 8 and 15mm are of no real use to me. 

The other three zooms are different. I am going to do a more scientific analysis of my metadata in Lightroom (when I have time with nothing better to do!) , but I sense a trend where images are taken at either 17, 24, 40, 105 or 400mm!

This is certainly true with the images taken recently on my 17-40mm lens, which has been my main lens while my 24-105 is being repaired.  Most shots are taken at 17mm. Which begs the question why don't I get rid and upgrade to the fantastic Canon 14mm F2.8. L Lens? Well forgetting the small matter of £1600!!

it is worth thinking about. The trend is zoom lenses over prime. Zoom lenses are great but primes are still faster and provide in general terms better images!! 

I am Rick McEvoy, Dorset Photographer. I work mainly in Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Dorset and Hampshire.

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