Rick McEvoy Photography in the Year 2004

Want to see if you are improving as a photographer? Go back in time and see what you have. In my Lightroom catalogue (I am still working in one catalogue in Lightroom cc) my oldest digital photographic work is from 2004.

And how good is my photography from 2004?


I will divert here to an often heard saying in the photography community – don’t judge your beginning by someone else’s middle - they might have been doing this for 20 years or so. And you might not.

So they should be better than you if you have just started,

Going back to 2004 I know exactly what they mean by this.

2004 was the beginning of my digital photography journey. My camera, according to the metadata, was a Kodak DC290 Zoom Digital Camera! It was the works camera. So this photo is so old it was before cameras were commonly found on mobile phones. I think we had mobile phones then but this is quite a long time ago now……

The photo is taken in Jpeg of course. The quality is awful (so all you people don’t get duped by this nonsense that Jpeg is as good as RAW – it is just not true).

Below are two versions of the image, the first straight out of the camera, the second moderately improved in Lightroom. This brief step back in time has happily reminded me how fantastic my Canon 5D and 6D are, and how excellent my lenses are.

So here are the two images, taken at Winfrith in Dorset

Rick McEvoy Professional Photographer 2004 - 1


Rick McEvoy Professional Photographer 2004 - 2


Not bad eh?

I am going to go through the years all the way to 2015 looking at (hopefully) the progression of my photography work year on year.

One more thing.

Do a top 10 for every year. Start this years now. Add what you think might be your best work over the year (to a collection in Lightroom) and at the end of the year reduce them down to 10. And when you get time do previous years.

I am going to start with my 2004 set – after all I only have 14 images to pick from!!!


Technical information

Camera - Kodak DC290

Lens - 6mm

Focal length used - 6mm

Shutter - 1/280th second

Aperture - F8

ISO - 640

Image taken in RAW format


Thank you for reading my post, which I hope you found interesting and maybe even a little entertaining! It really is good to go back and look at old work – I highly recommend you do this. To discuss anything photography related just call or email me, or send a message to me though my website contact form – I really don’t mind how and I would be delighted to hear from you.

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