Rick McEvoy - Photography Year 2006

The 2005 trip to Chile rolled over into 2006, so here is a shot taken the next day!

Enough about my travels, let’s get back to the photography.

I have to say that I like the composition of this shot, and the content. Which goes to prove an important point. Your camera does not make the shot - you do. You can have the best camera in the world and take rubbish, and can also take a great shot with your phone. Too much time, effort and of course money is spent on camera gear. More time should be spent on taking great photos and getting them out for the world to see.

The sign gives the image context, it is somewhere in South America. The road takes you into the photograph and up into the mountains. You can feel the desert.

OK so we have two versions of this image. First this time is the out of camera unedited Jpeg.

The undeited version of Chilean Road Sign

The undeited version of Chilean Road Sign

And below is the fully edited version.

Spot the difference!

Spot the difference!

It is amazing what five minutes editing can do to an image! Adobe Lightroom CC is amazing, I use Photoshop for content aware fill and some technical corrections only these days.

As well as the usual work in the Lightroom “basics” panel (don’t be fooled by that term – this is where most of my work is done), I had to get rid of the lens flare using content aware fill in Photoshop, and finally I used the brand new feature in Lightroom called Dehaze, right down there at the bottom in the effects panel. It took out some of the haze giving a nice sharp clear image. I have never used this before so happy with that feature.

And I will let you into a Lightroom CC (only) secret.  Slide Dehaze to the right to remove haze, slide it to the left to add it! I am going to have a play with this now. Here come some hazy moody shots!!

Technical information

Camera - EOS 350D

Lens - 18-55mm

Focal length used - 24mm

Shutter - 1/125th second

Aperture - F9.5

ISO - 100

Image taken in Jpeg format


I hope you have enjoyed my Chilean posts. I enjoyed revisiting 2006, do the same and see what old gems you might have in your catalogues. To discuss anything photography related just call or email me, or send a message to me though my website contact form - I really don’t mind how and I would be delighted to hear from you.

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