Want to see if you are improving as a photographer

Want to see if you are improving as a photographer?

Go back in time and see what you have.

In my Lightroom catalogue (I am still working in one catalogue in Lightroom cc) my oldest digital photographic work is from 2004.

Over the next few weeks I will be going back in time to the beginning of my digital photography catalogue. 2005 and 2006 were interesting. 2007 sees lots more images in Lightroom, The image count is growing,

2004 - 14 images

2005 - 74 images

2006 - 476 images

2007 - 425 images

2008 - quite a few more to choose from!!!

I was quite surprised with 2007 - only 425 images. That is when I bought my 5D, having spent a short amount of time with a 400D (bought and sold within a week I seem to remember).

You can find out this information very quickly in Lightroom – just select view, show filter bar, click metadata, voila – there it all is in the date box on the left hand side.

So what am I looking for in my old photos?

I will be looking at all aspects of my photographic development over the years, looking at



Image quality

Technical issues

Processing - then versus now

Do I actually like what I have photographed?

Do I agree with my selection and actions at the time, or do I now prefer something else? (with Lightroom you can see if an image has been developed or not by the icons in the library Module).

This was the order in which I thought of the things I would be looking at by the way, Good that composition is top of my list!

I will also rework the images and post the unedited version, the edited version from the time and finally my rework of the image knowing what I know now, using the latest Adobe software and plug-ins.

This will also lead me naturally into another part of me reviewing my photography journey (I hate that word but it does apply here to be fair) to date - my annual top 10s. I am looking forward to producing these collections, but this is a winter job for me so I plan by the end of the year to have my top 10s for 2005 to 2015 - a nice way for me to review the last 10 years of my photography! I won't bother with 2004, where I have a very small number of images taken in the works Kodak camera!!!

I hope that this blog post about blog posts was interesting. Next post might even have a photo in it! Get in touch if you want to ask me a question about photography or Lightroom - call, email me, or message me though my website contact form.

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