Adobe Lightroom Plug-Ins

I love Adobe Lightroom.

Now we are into Lightroom cc. This is the most advanced version of Lightroom. And the one where we will all end up. Lightroom 6 had a short life, and will not receive feature updates that the subscription cc version will.

I am not a salesman for Adobe - I am a paying customer.

I have been using Lightroom since version 1, and have watched it evolve over time to the point where I only need to use photoshop for some major distortion correction, persepective work and content aware fill – getting rid of tthings that should not be there. All those hideously complicated things. Everything else I can do in Lighroom from importing and cataloguing to exporting, and everything in between.

There does come a point though when I want a bit more – to be able to style a set of images to make them different. This is when I trun to plug-ins.

You can check out the full list of Lightroom plug-ins on the Adobe website at

I am going to concentrate on three plug-ins that extend the work done in the Develop Module. These plug-ins are not free, but are not expensive to be honest. With a lot of software these days you can try the product for 30 days to see if you like it which is fantastic.

So the three plug-ins are made by

Topaz Labs -

On1 -

Photomatix -

Topaz Labs offer a 30 day trial and say

Topaz plugs into your image editing software and gives you photo editing superpowers.”

There are a number of products which can be purchased individually or as a set.

On1 also have a free trial period for their Perfect Suite software, and say

“Your photo. Your look. They're your photos. Get your look.”

You can try HDR with Photomatix for as long as you want, but there will be  watermark on everything you do until you pay for a license - they say

“Create stunning photographs of high contrast scenes”

There is other software out there I have no doubt, but these are the three I am going to explore in the coming months.