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Another of my favourite images, taken in a bar in Lucca, Italy. It is such an Italian scene, and such a lovely bar.

Technical info on this shot - 1/6th second, F8, ISO 640, Canon 5D, 17-40mm F4L Lens. No flash, hand held.

As the bar was quite dark inside I pushed the ISO to 640 as I was shooting hand held. The Canon 17-40mm F4L lens is such a great lens for interior work such as this. It does not have image stabilisation, but I still managed to get a sharp image at 1/6th second at F8. I find F8 is the sweet spot for my favourite Canon lenses, so I tend to shoot a lot of my work in AV Mode with the aperture set at F8. This allows me to concentrate on what I can see in my viewfinder rather than worry too much about the exposure.

Obviously there are times when different camera settings are required, and hopefully I remember before taking a shot! But a lot of the time my default settings are just fine. I use the lowest ISO I can, usually 100, and increase it when the light is low. I do not have to worry about noise too much on my 6D which is such a great camera in low-light situations.

I have recently experimented with ultra-high ISOs, and will report back once I have found time to process some of my experimental images taken at the incredible ISO of 12800!

The image was processed in Lightroom with a bit of further work in Photoshop to tidy up the edges.

I am a commercial photographer in Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Dorset and Hampshire