Sensor Cleaning and my Canon EOS 6D

So how do I get rid of those nasty dust spots on my sensor?

Currently I don't! But I should. So what do I end up doing?

Lightroom spot removal. 

As easy and quick as this great tool is its a bit of a yawn. You can even copy and paste spot removals from one image to the rest Of the images from a shoota. And you can also do the same in Photoshop just as easily. 

But still I do this. 

so how do I do it? 

Here is a top tip I can give you. 

Select the spot removal tool. Zoom in to 1:1. Select "visualise spots". The go to the top left corner in the navigator window. Once you dealt with any nasties there, select page down. It moves you down to the next part of the image. And so on until you get to the bottom right corner. A really excellent way to make sure you cover all the image.

So why don't I clean my sensor? I did once. And ended up with smears on my 5D sensor. So bad they could not be removed. So yes basically I am scared of doing it to my 6D. 

I must get over this, and will write about this once I have cleaned my sensor without causing me to spend lots more money an another new camera! 

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