Photography Podcasts - What I Listen To

So podcasts are an excellent way of learning more about photography. Especially if you spend a lot of time in the car like me. I have tried all the photography podcasts I can find, and these are my favourites at the moment, in no particular order.

The Grid

Scott Kelby and RC and others.  usually over an hour, weekly, excellent information, website critiques, portfolio critiques, news, features, interviews. Overall excellent.

Full Time Photographer - Josh Rossi.

Now down to a once a week interview, usually 20-30 minutes with a well known photographer. Again an excellent podcast producing absolute gems of information.

This Week in Photo

Or TWIP for short. Hosted by Frederick van Johnson, this a weekly discussion with other photographers about photography news. Another great Podcast.

Improve Photography

Another weekly Podcast, hosted by Jim Harmer and well worth a listen.  a variety of subjects are covered, with lots of gear and photography nerdery going on!!

RAW Talk

The inimitable Jared Polin- FroKnowsPhoto - hosts this often hilarious weekly podcast. Usually an hour and a half of news interviews and some mayhem.

There are other photography podcasts, but these are my current favourites.

These are not all audio podcasts, but I listen to them predominantly when driving, making excellent use of potentially wasted time in the car.

It is very important to me to keep up to date with new photography techniques, processes, gear and thinking, and these podcasts have been excellent in helping my ongoing professional photography development - a never ending process!! 

Thanks for reading this post, and look out for a new post soon. 

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