Adobe Lightroom CC and what I think of it

Adobe Lightroom CC and what I think of it

I wanted to write an update on my thoughts on Lightroom CC now that I have got used to the latest version, tried out many if not all of its new features, and finally report on how the new version has made me adapted my workflow, not only image processing but also in image making.

Overall Lightroom is better than ever.

Which is no mean feat. Version 5 was pretty good. Well excellent. And much better than Photoshop.

But this version is better.


One main reason for me.

HDR Merge.

I love this feature. I hate HDR and what it has ended up being – those hideous grungy looking images with artificial colours. When I say I hate it that is not strictly true. I cannot use that style of HDR imagery for my commercial work, unless a client specifically wants it of course. And I have made some great images using HDR software, so I better take that back right now!

My main areas of commercial photographic work are

  1. Architectural Photography
  2. Commercial Photography
  3. Interior photography
  4. Industrial photography
  5. Landscape photography

Most of work is all about technical correctness, so HDR is not really any use to me. Until now that is. If used correctly, the HDR merge feature can give you excellent results, with just an increase in the dynamic range of the image. No special effects or outlandish colours. In my opinion this is true HDR, which after all stands for high dynamic range don’t forget. So if I combine images which are either side of the correct exposure I am getting a broader dynamic range, which is what I want.

The HDR Merge feature in Lightroom cc is brilliant.

I now shoot commercially to use the feature, knowing what my final images will work out like. As all my work is taken on a tripod (wherever possible) this is not a problem.

Another feature that I have just discovered (not sure when they sneaked this one in) is auto-stacking by time. No more clicking each set of bracketed exposures to create a stack. Sure it gets things wrong from time to time, but gets the job about 95% done meaning I only have to check 5%.

These great features allow me to produce my own style and brand of images more efficiently than ever before.

So all in all Lightroom cc is ace. Having said that I will be writing about what is missing from Lightroom at the moment for me.

But to balance this out I will also be writing from time to time about other features of Lightroom.

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