Adobe Lightroom CC - the features I want adding to it now please Adobe

Adobe Lightroom CC – what is missing?

What would I like including in future versions of Lightroom CC?


The new version is slower than the old one. I set off a big job to be done then go and put the kettle on. Or do something else on my PC. Oh no I can’t as Lightroom is eating up all my PCs resources. So it’s back to the kettle……

Content aware fill

They have it in Photoshop - so why not?


The ability to delete all images in a stack, rather than having to collapse the stack and select all the images. This I have to do time after time after time. Sounds worryingly geeky!!! But I do have to do this so so many times on every shoot.


The ability to add a watermark to an image without having to export from Lightroom.

The ability to add a watermark to an image in Lightroom Mobile.


The ability to open more than one external plug-in. Currently I have On1 as my external editor, meaning I cannot access Topaz Labs – this is frustrating when I am in a particularly creative frame of mind!

(Pretty sure this is one I can fix myself to be completely honest).


Possibly some more funky lens/ distortion corrections (currently found in Photoshop).

Not a lot to ask for, and I am sure I will think of a few more things. Basically I want to do everything I ever need to do in Lightroom and never use Photoshop (even though my Creative Cloud subscription means that I have Photoshop and all those baffling and bewildering tools that I do not understand nor have the time to learn).

So come on Adobe - Lightroom CC is fantastic - just give me a little bit more please!!!

You have nothing to lose as we are all already paying for Photoshop and lots of us never use it!

Or if any of these things are already in there someone please let me know!

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