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This post started off as

One more thing I want from Lightroom please Adobe.


Automation of repetitive tasks such as mass HDR merge processing. On the shoot I have just completed I had to do that over and over, and it took a long time. I wrote down my workflow on a post-it pad (how retro) as consistency was important.

Have I missed that?  Or is it just a Photoshop thing called actions? Anyway I am sure it is there in Photogshop so it has already been written by Adobe.

Buth then I guess if you put everything in Lightroom you will clog it up and Photoshop will die?

And then it got me thinking, and my mind went elsewhere.

Bear with me.

It is at times like this that I realise there really is more to commercial photography than most people realise.

And it also makes me realise how much I have learnt, and how far I have developed.

Being a photographer

I want to learn how to use Photoshop properly, but apart from the following

Content aware fill

Some highly technical corrections and straightening

The odd bit of removal work

Major dust spotting/ moving blurred objects in the sky in a merge shot

Replacing the sky

There is not a great deal else I really want/ need to be able to do. Lightroom is great, and suits my style of photography. I spend enough time in front of the computer, and find that Lightroom is fantastic for my editing needs and workflow, bearing in mind that I individually edit every image myself before release to a client.

Sorry I have digressed somewhat from what I wanted to talk about, but that is fine as it has made me think!

There are different levels of photography, and each and every one of us has to decide which level we want to be at, who we want to be, and what we want to achieve.

So what about me?

High quality, individually edited images.

Not high volume preset processed work. This affects the price for work massively. If I am spending 10 minutes on editing 50 images that is 500 minutes, nearly seven hours.

One working day.

And you can't do that commercially for free. Well you can but you will get hungry..


Thanks for reading, and I hope I have given you things to think about.

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