Another Stunning Dorset Photograph - A Light In A Car Park


OK so this is a picture of a light in a car park in Poole, Dorset.

That is all. Nothing fancy. No stunning scenery. Just a light in a car park.

But a striking image all the same - I hope you all agree?

Dead centre framing. Slight adjustment in Lightroom as I was not 100% centred. But pretty vertical without adjustment.

HDR merge. Yet again. Such a great feature in Lightroom. Giving me the depth in the clouds without it looking remotely artificial - just allowing me to record (nearly) everything that is there.

So after that it was moving a few sliders in Lightroom, making it sharper, more vibrant, more striking. Another quick edit just for fun.


So important. The composition, and the sky at the time I took the shot, draw you into the image, where the light is. I have just had the thought that I could have added a light to the end of the column - easier than compositing a day shot with a night shot. NOt that I know how to do that.

If you find your photography is a bit stale, try something different. A car park. An old building. Anything really that you wouldnt normally photograph. Pick something, give yourself plenty of time, go there and experiment.

That is what I did. Check out my website for lots more photo stuff at