Photography Blogging using a SquareSpace Blog

I love the blog feature in Squarespace for my photography blog.

It is really nice and easy to use. One of the best bits for me is that wherever I am I can start a post when a thought comes into my head, starting a draft post using my IPhone 6 Plus.

And the IPhone 6 Plus has to be one of my favourite bits of kit.

I was looking at my old IPhone 4S the other day, and was amazed by how small it was!

The downside to the large IPhone is that you look quite stupid making a call on it – yes you can even speak to people on these IPhone things!

Back to the Squarespace Blog. One of the problems people have with Blogging is what to post. But if you think about it there are lots of things that happen in a day that are worth writing about. And if you think more about blogging as a photographer then the list of subjects is virtually limitless?

Whenever a thought comes into my head, or I see something that I think I could write an interesting post about I just start writing, there and then on my phone. It could be something I have seen, a place, a piece of kit, something funny.

Sometimes I just save the heading as a reminder.

At the moment I have lots of draft blog posts on all sorts of subjects, and this was not one of them.

I just wanted to share my thoughts on how to maintain momentum with a photography blog used to help market my photography business.

I hope that this blog post about blog posts was interesting. I will get back on to photography in my next post honest. If you want to ask me a question about my blog and blogging in general, just call, email me, or message me though my website contact form.

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I am a photographer working in Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Dorset and Hampshire.