Rick McEvoy - Photography Year 2007

This is a shot from 2007, one of the first when I had my Canon 5D.

Firstly is the version I have re-edited in Lightroom cc. This is, thankfully, my favourite version of this image.

Re-edited version

Re-edited version

Next is the straight out of camera, unedited version.

Unedited RAW image

Unedited RAW image

Original edit

Original edit

 And this is the edit I did some time ago.

I cannot remember when to be honest - sometime between taking the image in 2008 and now I guess!!

So what do we learn from this?

Firstly, if an image is a good image then it is a good image. Work in Lightroom and Photoshop, and anyhting else you want to use, only enhances the image you have made - it does not make it good. Well sometimes it can, but in general if your shot is rubbush no amount of processing will make it a great image.

Why do I like this shot?

I like the mood, atmosphere, and subtlety of the colurs. I feel a cool, winter, foggy morning in the New Forest.

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