London - Scott Kelby Shoot Like a Pro Tour

Well that was an excellent day. What did I learn? Loads and loads. 

Scott clearly cares. We all saw that at the end. 

And if he has three editors for his books then I am surprised as he writes like he talks! 

So lots of good stuff today, some much too good too share! I mean some real gems of photographic knowledge that I will certainly be thinking about lots in the future.

Got a Tweet favourited by Scott which was hilarious. Didn't get to talk to him or Brad which was a shame. Too many people with too many questions. 

Managed to get a discounted Kelby One subscription which was great, especially as I got two books thrown in, Lightroom cc by Scott and the new book by Jay Maisel - excellent! 

A great day - thanks to all who contributed from Kelby One. No doubt I will be writing more about this in the next few days/ weeks/ months!