Picture of a Sea Gull on a Post, Cornwall

Bird on post, Cornwall

Bird on post, Cornwall

I love this shot. The sea gull did not even blink when I walked up to him/ her. I will call him "him" for the purposes of this post, but apologies sir if you are indeed a girl.

I am going to be self-ctitical here. I wish I had re-composed the shot. Moved myself higher, putting the bird more central with the dark water being the backgroundo the bird.

That would have made him stand out more.

Another important lesson on composition is to remember what is in the background, and how it relates to the subject. When you start thinking about things like this you are on the way to improving your photography.

I don't mind the boats in the background - they place the image nicely. I just wish that they were not so close to the main subject, His Lordship.

It is important to be honest about your photography, as few people ever are. The comment "ooh that's nice" could mean anything, And online comments on Flickr saying "nice shot" mean little.

So have a look at your work, be critical, think about what you dont like in an image, and store that information away for another time.

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