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OK time for a change on my home page. I have just updated the images you can see on my home page.

This is now the first image on my home page. That is how much I like it!

Electricity - Poole, Dorset

One of my specialisms is industrial photography. Whilst I love the grand scale of large buildings and plant, I really love getting into the detail, isolating objects. As I have said before, you can make a great picture just by excluding things.

This is a great example. It is part of a large urban sub-station. It is quite large, and most people will drive past it and not think anything of it. But not me - oh no I am that sad!

I am awalys looking out for interesting things to photograph, and this is no exception.

Originally the image was a sunset shot, but I have taken the colours out of the image, and turned into a high contrast black and white image. I love the cleanness of the black and white, with very little else in between.

All of this was done in Lightroom, and to be completely honest (don't tell anyone) it did not take me that long to do.

I probably spent more time thinking about the previous version.

Whilst I liked the original version I asked my self what could I do to improve it?

Here is the original processed image.

Original image

Whilst I like the composition of this image (taken in January of this year) it has sat in my "hmmmm" folder since I did the initial edit. I went back to it today and had a rethink. Sometimes all you need is time away from your work and a clear head to recycle something old and ok into something much more interesteing.

I hope you enjoyed my post.

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I am a photographer specialising in architectural photography, commercial photography and industrial photography.