Watergate Bay beach - one of my best pictures of Cornwall

Watergate Bay beach, Cornwall

Watergate Bay beach, Cornwall

This is definitely one of my best pictures of Cornwall.

A lovely typically English beach scene, with rocks in the foreground, a overly beach and an interesting sky over the rolling surf waves. 


I like photographs which reflect the feeling of a location. I also like getting plenty of depth, colour, richness and texture into my images.

i don't like cloudless blue skies all the time, unless I am lying on a sun lounger under one of course! I like skies with interest within them.

My new web page all about my pictures of Cornwall is something I am looking forward to creating - it will contain 12 images which to me reflect Cornwall.

As I choose a new image I will write about it on my blog, posting each image in turn.

Thanks for reading this post, please make sure you visit my new page containing pictures of Cornwall at 


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