New kit - Bluetooth folding keyboard for the Ihone - Esynic Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

New keyboard time! More excellent service from Amazon Prime. Ordered yesterday.

Arrived today.

Ace. Nice and easy.

So opened the box, unfolded the keyboard. Stared at it for a bit. Then opened the instructions. Connected via Bluetooth to my IPhone straight away. Going to take a little while to get used to but seems pretty good to me. And much quicker than using the touch screen.

The keyboard is the Esysnic Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard. It comes with a case which doubles as a stand, and it folds up to slightly larger than my IPhone 6 Plus.

I will give this piece of kit a proper test when out on the road tomorrow but looking good so far! See how I get on sat in my car having a break drinking a coffee. Oh yes must charge the thing this evening in anticipation.

Pop back to my Bog tomorrow at tomorrow for an update on this nifty bit of kit.

This keyboard has also pointed me towards using Microsoft Word on my phone, and also the One Drive function, which looks to be pretty slick. Can’t find Spellcheck though!

Good to see I am bang on trend with the technology, bluetooth.