The rooftops of St Emillion, Frnace - a great architectural and travel shot.

The rooftops of St Emillion

The rooftops of St Emillion

 A lovely warm summers shot of the fooftops of St Emillion in France, taken from the bell tower of the Monolithic Church of St Emillion.

I have to be honest - I took far too many shots from the bell tower such were he fantastic views. 

So I have lots of sweeping vistas and endless rooftops, but instead chose this tighter shot, which I feel tells the story of the rooftops themselves. Just the odd patch if green to break up the colours in the wall Les and the roofs. No people in the shot, purely because if the angle of view. 

Ok there was one person in the shot but they got removed in Photoshop. 

A fiver for the reader who can tell me where the person was in the shot! 

This shot was taken at 1/1600 second at F8, ISO100 on my Canon 6D with 17-40mm lens. 

On this trip I took two lenses, the 17-40 and the 8-15mm F4L fisheye zoom lens. 

40mm was the longest focal length I was carrying. 

Whilst it made me think my ideal two lens combo is the 70-200F4L with the 17-40. That is my travel combo, and what I use most of the time. 

My 24-105mm F4 lens, for so long my go to lens, is virtually redundant. I have now put in my back 5D for when I need to change quickly, which is not often for my type and style of photography, which is much slower and more about careful and thoughtful composition these days. And on a tripod wherever possible.

Well I have digressed slightly off topic here, but hope you enjoyed this architectural photography image taken in St Emillion. 

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