How do I remove things I dont want in a picture? Quick Tip In Lightroom - the Spot Removal Tool

This weeks quick tip in Lightroom is all about Spot Removal. 

Not one tip but three. 

This is how I do spot removal. 

Select the Spot Removal Tool. 

Tip 1 - Check the box bottom left "Visualise Spots" 

Tip 2 - In the Navigator panel (top left hand corner), select 1:1, which zooms you into the actual size of the image. 

Tip 3 - Press home, get rid of the spots, then hit Page Down, which will select the next bit of the image. After you have worked on a section, hit page down again, and repeat until you are at the bottom right hand corner of the image.

One more thing. If there is a blemish like a hair, drag the tool over the image and it should deal with it nicely. 

And that is it. 

Rick McEvoy Photography Lightroom Tip of the Week

Tuesday 13th December 2016

Rick McEvoy Photography