My Adobe Lightroom CC Tip of the Week – speeding up Lightroom with a new performance update from Adobe

This is a tip to take advantage of the recent performance improvement Adobe have introduced in Lightroom CC.

The problem is that Lightroom appears to be getting slower and slower.

Not sure why but sometimes it can be painful, which is not great if you are working in Lightroom CC on a daily basis. And relying on it to access your entire catalogue of digital images.

So what have the folks at Adobe done to make Lightroom CC work quicker?


They have added the ability to edit Smart Previews, which speeds things up quite a lot. Not the full resolution image.

Now I use Smart Previews all the time. Every time I import images into Lightroom I ask Lightroom to build Smart Previews and 1:1 Previews. Now I have to warn you that this slows down the import process a lot, but I know this, and set Lightroom off importing how I want and go away and do something else.

Like have a beer, or a glass of wine.

See so many benefits to this!

So how do you do this?


Go to the preferences tab, then select the Performance tab, then check the box called “Use Smart Previews instead of Originals for image editing”. There is a caveat to doing this, which Adobe inform us of immediately below this check box option, which says “This will allow increased performance, but may display decreased quality while editing. Final output will remain full size/ quality”.

Hmmm not too sure if this is visible or not – I have certainly not noticed this. Maybe it is a bit of a disclaimer covering a mathematical change. Time will tell I guess.

That is all you need to do.

I recommend that you try Lightroom before doing this, restart Lightroom then try the same thing again. See if you can spot the difference.

I did!

I hope that my Adobe Lightroom Tip of the week helps you work more efficiently and saves you time.

You can find out more about Lightroom at

Rick McEvoy Photography Adobe Lightroom CC Tip of the Week

Friday 7th October 2016