Lightroom Tip of the Week - what exactly is the HDR Merge feature in Lightroom

HDR Merge in Lightroom.

This is where you merge together different exposures of the same scene to produce a natural looking HDR image. 

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. I will write a post all about HDR, but for now just think of HDR using Lightroom like this. 

If you take a bracketed set of images, using my Canon 6D as an example, the camera takes three images. 

The first image is the correct exposure. 

The second image will be two stops under exposed. Or darker. 

The third image will be two stops over exposed. Or lighter. 

The HDR Merged file using Lightroom will have the darker bits of the dark image, and the lighter bits of the lighter image, and all the other bits in the middle. 

Thats all. 

So that is HDR using LIghtroom explained in a nutshell. 

The point of this post is HDR Merge in Lightroom. I do not use other HDR software. I do my HDR Merges in Lightroom.


Because I like the natural effect and the fact that Lightroom is extending the dynamic range captured in a natural looking image. 

It works for me. 

Have you tried it? If not, do. It's great. And easy to do honest. 

Rick McEvoy Photograpy

Lightroom Tip of the Week- HDR Merge in Lightroom explained.