What are Luminosity Masks?

Luminosity Masks in Photoshop – what is a luminosity mask, and how do I use them in my digital processing?

I tried working on this before Christmas, but time got the better of me. Lets try again now.

Bear with me, I need to go back to October briefly. 

If you remember, when I was producing the black and white version of my architectural photography portfolio I had an idea. It wasn't luminosity masks per se, but was related. I will come back to that at some point in the future, but this idea reminded me about luminosity masks, which I was aware of but not too familiar with.

Back to the basic question - what is a luminosity mask?

This is the first answer when you type that question into Google.

“Luminosity masks are the cornerstone of tone-based image adjustments. These masks provide a convenient way to select specific tones in an image which can then be altered as the user sees fit.” The is an extract from here http://goodlight.us/writing/luminositymasks/luminositymasks-1.html.

So moving on down page 1 in Google I come to an article entitled “Use Luminosity Masks to Enhance Your Landscape Photography” on fstoppers  

This is a more recent article, which took me to the website Through Strange Lenses, the photography Blog of Jimmy McIntyre.

Jimmy McIntyre also produces tutorials, which you can find here.

And this is where I am beginning my journey. One thing I have learned is to choose a path and follow it. fstoppers is a pretty good starting point, and I am going to work through the guidance in this article and in the information in the links. And the update in January is that I have purchased the tutorials and associated software, the Photoshop extension Raya Pro, which are sat on my computer waiting to be used. All I need to do now is begin.

So this is the beginning of my journey into luminosity masks in Photoshop. Talking of Photoshop, one final link to round up this first post, is here, to the mighty Photoshop itself. Soon to be a bigger friend of mine that it is at the moment!

Now it is time to dive into the world of luminosity masks – I will report back as soon as I have news and hopefully some fantastic new images. This is not going to be. A quick process – I am giving myself the year of 2017 to master this, which is all part of the plan for my business going forward.

Yes it is all part my my cunning plan…….

Rick McEvoy Photography Blog

Saturday 7th January 2017