Lightroom CC Quick Tip - how to speed up producing HDR images

This quick tip in Lightroom is a great timesaver.

When producing HDR images in Lightroom, the first image I produce by selecting Ctrl H. This brings up a preview screen where you can select options. 

Often once I have produced the first image I want to produce lots more with the same settings.

Do I want to go this preview screen every time? 

Of course not. 

So what do I do? 

I select the images, then on the keyboard select Shift, Ctrl H. Lightroom starts producing the HDR file in the background. And then I go straight onto the next, and the next etc etc. 

I can have up to 8 HDR images being produced at any one time. A big time saver. 

Rick McEvoy Photography

Lightroom Quick Tip

Wednesday 21st December 2016