Is it me or is Lightroom CC quicker since the last update?

I'm sure it is. Yesterday I updated my versions of Lightroom, Camera RAW and Photoshop through the Crerative Cloud updates. This morning I have just carried out an HDR Merge and it was much much quicker. So thank you Adobe for speeding up Lightroom CC - the speed (or lack of it) was causing me issues I have to say.

And there is the new feature which was included in the update, Refefence View, which can be found in the Develop Module.

The shortcut to get to the reference view is Shift and R. 

What is reference view for? 

My understanding is that you can select a reference photo which is on the left of the screen, and then you can select another image on the right and develop it to match. This is a really useful feature which I look forward to using. OK now I have actually looked at Reference View you can place one on top of the other as well.

I can see lots of uses in my commercial architectural photography and interior photography work, where I need an image set to be consistent.

This might make things easier for me going forward, and I will definitely give this new feature a try.

One thing - you really need a good sized monitor to use this feature. 

To get out of reference view and back to the Loupe view just press D.

But one question - why is the latest update called 2015.8?  In two days we will be in 2017? And one more question - when will Lightroom Mobile for the IPad be updated?

Still Lightroom is great and I use it every day. So happy that the speed appears to have been improved.

Not got Lightroom? Get it here on a 30 day trial and see what you think.

Rick McEvoy Photography

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Friday 30th December 2016