​How do I organise my photos in Lightroom? Another post on how I am sorting the images in my Lightroom catalogue.

Ok a further tweak is required.. Having started on the 2008 image set I had a thought. Well a horrible realisation actually. This was the plan.

To go through all 3116 images, reject and then delete the images I don't want.

Then go back and pick the photos to edit – one problem - I might have a lot of photos to go through second time around.

And future years will only get worse with more images year on year, and hopefully better images year on year.

2016 has well over 5000 images as I write this.

So what to do……

I know. This.

Get rid of the reject flags for the reasons I wrote about yesterday.

And then I can go through the images and use the following system

Pick – an image to edit

Reject – an image to get rid of

Neither pick nor reject. Do not edit, do not delete.

That should work and saves me the prospect of having to do the whole thing twice.

And another thin I have to contend with in my 2008 set of images is bracketed sets. I am going to have to expand all the bracketed sets of images and then add them to the collection for the year.

And there is another thought process that I have to go through. Do I keep one image or the bracketed set?

It's not that easy this is it?

I'll get there in the end – I juts hope I can delete images quicker than I produce new ones!!

Rick McEvoy Photography Blog

Thursday 15th December 2016