The things I am going to write about in my photography blog in 2017

I have been thinking. Yes sorry but it happens every now and then…

I have decided to rethink the content of my blog going forward. Writing this post has helped me sort in my head what I need to do in 2017 and onwards.

I need to make the best use of the limited time I have available for the production of daily blog posts.

Unfortunately professional photography is more about the business of photography than the actual taking of pictures, and this will be reflected in the content of my blog in 2017.

December however is all about producing an endless flow of new images, as I have the fallout of me sorting my 2007 images to contend with. This problem will be compounded even further when I get round to my 2008 images, as there is lots and lots of good stuff in there too. That is if I ever get to my 2008 collection of images.

And the years after that my work steadily improves but that is definitely a 2017 problem to deal with.

But back to my blog, and the content of my blog, and what I want to achieve by continuing to commit to daily blog posts in 2017.

I have to say that I enjoy writing about photography, and that I also enjoy writing about my photography and my images.

But I have to remember that my blog posts are in addition to my full time work, so the content does need to be carefully structured to enable me to maintain a consistent quality of content.

I also want to maintain the quality of the photography that I publish not only on my blog but anywhere externally.

  • Quality is very important to me and is at the core of everything to do with my photography business.
  • Consistency is also important.
  • And it is also important to me that I produce original photographic work.

So put that little lot together and things are going to change in 2017.

My blog should be an output of a selection of the things that I do in my photography business, and also of things that I want to do, the things I want to work on, the things I want to improve and the new things that I want to learn.

All of which should help me progress and improve all aspects of my photography, which in turn should also help to improve the success of my photography business.

And I must not forget of course that I want to produce content that other people will find useful, helpful and informative. And maybe every now and then amusing.

The rest of 2016 is already scheduled out. Well it was until I came across 2007 and editing on my IPad Pro got into full swing! I have gone a bit mad to be honest, being reunited with some old images but being able to process them using everything I have learnt between then and now. This is exciting to me!

I want to maintain the daily blog posts, but I also want them to be structured around my work and the things I want to improve and develop in 2017.

I will therefore continue to produce new pictures of Dorset and Hampshire, as well as architectural photography and interior photography images – all on a weekly basis. These are my core subjects. And this work will feed out into commercial areas of my business. This makes perfect sense.

There will be more variety in the nature and content of my posts.

I wrote a few longer posts this year, and I am going to produce more posts with more detailed content in 2017. These will be about my work in Lightroom and Photoshop. Writing these longer posts about Lightroom and Photoshop also makes perfect sense, as there are things I want to spend time on, especially in Photoshop.

I will also be producing shorter posts as well. More shorter posts and less longer posts.

That sort of works for me time-wise.

I have found writing very helpful in developing my photographic skills in a targeted way. I have also found this writing enjoyable.

I scheduled out December in advance, and yes things changed but this scheduling made me much more productive. Scheduling in advance also made me change the way I work, making improvements in my working efficiency. I noticed a big difference in my productivity in December which was good to see.

Other bigger subjects that I will be writing about on a monthly basis will include

  • Luminosity masks
  • How to organise your photos in Lightroom – the never ending subject and the work done to get on top of my Lightroom Catalogue
  • My beginners guide to Lightroom – started but left behind in 2016

This gives me plenty to do, and plenty of variety.

I am going to schedule out my posts for January 2017 onwards, and see how things go. This is a plan I am happy with, combining all the subjects I want to work on with an ongoing process of production of new images. And the taking of new images – this is very important to me and I will endeavour to produce new personal work very week.

The list of subjects, in no particular order, is this (at the moment)

  • One Top 10 list post per month.
  • Favourite photography locations
  • Luminosity Mask monthly update
  • Stock photography monthly submission/ update
  • Photography news
  • Black and white – three variations of one black and white image
  • Website monthly update – words and images
  • Customer/ client/ marketing news
  • Commercial issues
  • Podcast episode
  • New gear
  • Old gear
  • Lightroom - Quick Tip
  • Photoshop – Quick Tip
  • Lightroom - longer post on a specific subject or technique
  • Photoshop post - longer post or specific subject or technique
  • Photography Term explained
  • Monthly video and image
  • Photography technique
  • Quick photography Tip
  • How I took the shot
  • IPhone image of the week
  • 1 Dorset image per week
  • 1 Hampshire image per week
  • 1 architectural interior/ exterior image per week
  • Image of the week
  • Beginners Guide to Lightroom
  • How Do I Do That In Photoshop article - this will make sense don't worry,

That is a total of 43 potential posts per month! Plus things that happen along the way.

Now I am no expert in such things but 43 into 31 does not go. So I am back at multiple blog posts in a day. Some days anyway. I will have a think about this…….

Rick McEvoy Photography Blog

Friday 16th December 2016