Mupe Bay, Dorset - another stunning picture of Dorset

Mupe Bay, Dorset, by Rick McEvoy Dorset Photographer

Mupe Bay, Dorset, by Rick McEvoy Dorset Photographer

I have decided to post from time to time  some of my favourite images amongst my usual daily posts. Some of these have been published before, some not. 

These are purely and simply images I like. Personal work. No buildings or construction sites. Well there might be thinking about that.

But definitely some of my favourite images which I hope you all like.

This shot was taken from Arish Mell beach in Dorset, looking towards Mupe Bay. One of my favourite pictures of Dorset. Well favourite taken by me that is.

I took this shot some time ago whilst working on a commercial diving contract. As an aside that truly was great work, covering commercial diving in the beach with this for the view.

And whilst there and waiting for slack water I had time to take the odd image. Whilst I always liked the original image I didn't learn to love it till I learned how to really use Lightrooom.

The original version of this I processed was ok.


Average you would say if you saw it.

So some years later when going through some of my old images of Dorset I looked at this shot again and decided I could do much better.

And I think I did. 

This is one of my favourite Dorset images, which you can find in the gallery on my Dorset Photographer page at

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