McLaren parked on the road - Sandbanks style!!

McLaren, Sandbanks, Dorset, by Rixk McEvoy car photographer

McLaren, Sandbanks, Dorset, by Rixk McEvoy car photographer

Not an everyday sight. Only a McLaren. Just parked up by the side of the road. 

This is not an unusual occurrence in Sandbanks, Dorset though.

Quite an affluent area. And what this shot does not show is the Ferrari parked in front of it. A stunning light blue Ferrari. 

Now I am not into street photography to be honest, but when a car like this parks across the road from me when I am stood there with my camera out what can I do?

Post processing could clean up this image - I like the palm tree but the boats could be removed but I like this shot as the moment was over in literally seconds. No time to recompose. And I had to be a tad discreet as the owners of the Ferrari and the McLaren were there all the time - this shot is very much a snatched shot of a the only time I had a clear view of the car. 

So what can you take from this! Simple. Two words. 

Be prepared! 

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