Moving all my images to an external hard drive - a painful process!

And I mean painful. 

My basic problem is that my hard drive is full. I have had to move a load of files over to an external hard drive, and am full again so have to do something a lot more drastic.

My plan therefore is this.

1 - Move all my photos to an external hard drive.

2 - Keep the Lightroom catalogue on my laptop.

3 - Build Smart Previews in my Lightroom catalogue which I can edit even when not connected to the laptop. And I can edit using storage in Creative Cloud but I haven't worked that one out yet.

4 - Modify my workflow to reflect the fact that my images are not on my hard drive. 

5 - Modify my back-up strategy accordingly.

6 - Sit back at some point today and smile, having my images moved and my laptop back to being lightning quick.

That is my plan. 

So how is it going one hour in? 

Slow. And painful. 

I hope that this series of posts will help anyone going through the same pain as me. I will write about all my mistakes along the way today. 

I am waiting for Lightroom to open "in a stable state". 


Because I tried to build 32450 Smart Previews overnight, and woke up to find my 1TB hard drive had 8GBs left. 

Oh dear.... 

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to see how I am getting on!!