Moving all my images to an external hard drive - a painful process! The next day

Well I survived the trauma. Not too bad in the end, just took a long time as a lot of data. 

But it's all there fine, exactly as it was before I started. 

I have 600GB free on my laptop, which is much much quicker now. And the external drive, connected through a USB3.0 port was actually quicker than my laptop hard drive when I was doing the direct comparison of the folders. 

And overnight 32450 Smart Previews have been built, so I can access and edit files when not connected to my external hard drive. It will be interesting to see how slick the syncing back is. 

I recommend episode 216 of The Grid, where Terry White, Adobe Lightroom Evangelist (!) gives some great tips on using Lightroom when mobile. Not just Lightroom Mobile, the app which is not great but has its uses.

I did the process in a bit of a long winded way,  but I am fine with that considering the amount of and the importance of the data. 

I now need to work on my import and back-up strategies - I have some work from yesterday to import now so I will start with that. Which I am doing right now.

I lost 3 files. Well Lightroom failed to build Smart Previews for three images. So I deleted them as when I viewed them in the catalogue they were not important.

3 out of 32450. I can live with that. Good numbers!!

So overall success, and a big pat on the back for me from me. I am glad I took my time, researched what to do, then took my time doing it. Well worth spending the time in something like this to make sure nothing goes wrong and all the data ends up where I want it to be. 

It Is nice to see my Lightoom file structure exactly as it was, the only change being the drive letter! 

And is my laptop quicker? Yes. Much quicker after a few reboots and giving it a bit of a rest. 

So hopefully that is that. I can get back to work. 

Lots of architectural photography images to work on. And lots more shoots to come so good timing and I am now well prepared for the next year or so data wise. 

Thanks for reading these posts about my hard drive move traumas. Or not as it ended up!

Tomorrow I will hopefully post an actual picture of some recent work at