Adobe Lightroom Mobile Camera - have you noticed this?

Do you have Lightroom Mobile?

Do you hate it?

It does not appear to be that popular.....

I use it on a daily basis. And I like it.

You just need to know what it can do for you, and how you can integrate your collections and workflow and make it work for you. Which I have done. But you really need to be using the collections feature to benefit.

Now that I have worked some stuff out for myself I really like it.

And my mobile workflow has improved.

And did you know that it has a camera feature built-in?

Yes can you take photos directly from Lightroom Mobile, and then edit them. in Lightroom Mobile.

As in white balance, basic panel adjustments, dehaze, vignettes - everything. And of course it will appear on your laptop/ PC/ Macbook/ IPad/ whatever you might use.

Which is pretty cool.

Just a quick tip for a Wednesday morning that will hopefully help you Lightroom Mobile users.

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