My all new Dorset Photography Page - Post 1 of 2

My Dorset photography page is undergoing a bit of a refresh. I am going to write about this today and tomorrow.

Ok so where is the page I hear you ask? It can be found at

First change - I have changed the name of the page to, erm, Dorset.

Well you know I'm a photographer (well I hope you do), and I have a places category, so I don't really think that I need to plonk such a prominent keyword as Dorset photographer on there, in your face! I have spent too much time on SEO, and now all I do is write about what I love, photography.

I am also going to refresh the set of images on this page. I live in Dorset, and love my set of Dorset pictures, which I am constantly working on when not doing commercial photography work.

Going through my Lightroom catalogue revieweing all my Dorset photos is the perfect antidote for the recent trauma I wrote about – my hard drive being full! And thankfully they are all still there, if only as Smart Previews (which still makes me slightly nervous).

I have 1264 images of Dorset in my Lightroom Catalogue. Plus the ones in import folders which I have not completely culled, rated, sorted and edited. That will be part of this current exercise. And of course to get my Dorset photography page higher up the rankings in Google – I am not going to lie to you.

I am going to include 12 pictures of Dorset on this page. Some will be familiar Dorset landmarks, some familiar from my website currently or before – this is a refresh after all not getting rid of everything I have done! There are some great Dorset images that I am proud to have on my website, and will keep on this page.

In terms of the content, I am going to restrict this page to my landscape/ travel photography – I am not including any of my commissioned commercial work. Well I say that – a lot of my personal work ends up being commercial work as I have a couple of stock photography arrangements in place. I love my Dorset landscape photographer work – this is where I have produced a lot of my best work.

Please call back to my blog tomorrow at

for part 2 of this post.