My all new Dorset Photography Page - Post 2 of 2

Welcome back to my Dorset photography web page update. A remoinder, you can get to this page directly from this link

And don’t worry if there are no images specific to Bournemouth, Poole or Sandbanks – they have their own pages which will be receiving the same treatment as my Dorset photography page shortly. You can get to these directly using the following links

Bournemouth photographer

Poole photographer

Sandbanks photographer

I have a couple of other pages dedicated to Dorset in my archive section – a Dorset Photographers page

and a Dorset Photography page,

These are very much archive pages which I have retained only for the SEO significance – I went a bit mad and obsessive with the SEO to be honest.

But back to my images. There are lots of photographers in Dorset. And lots of photographers who visit Dorset. I am very fortunate to live here. There are lots of great Dorset images out there, so I try to produce images from less popular locations.

And Durdle Door of course. I can’t be that arty and self righteous after all.

So there you have it – my photographers Dorset page will be all bright and fresh and new in the next couple of weeks – please keep coming back to my blog at

where I will post each picture as and when chosen and write about it.

Footnote to this post

OK so to be honest there are a couple of keywords which I could not easily work into the text, which are

Photographer Dorset – a tricky word to work into a sentence.

Commercial photographer Dorset – another tricky one, but one that is used quite a lot in Google searches so here it is.

The rest are nice, natural phrases that have just been included organically in the text.