Photographic therapy - a new image of a lovely warm tree lined road with golden sunlight in Dorset

Golden morning light in Dorset

Golden morning light in Dorset

Photographic therapy - a new image of a lovely warm tree lined road with golden sunlight - more new Dorset Photography

I took this shot last week. This is the quick edit. After the trauma of my catalogue transfer last week I just had to shoot something and process it quickly.

And unusually for me this shot was taken on my 70-200 F4L lens.

I used the telephoto lens as the wide shots were ok but not doing it for me, so I switched lenses. 

Exposure was 1/160th second, F16, ISO400. Why F16? I forgot to change the aperture when using the wide lens. No matter. 

Focal length was 200mm. 

And the reason I like this shot? 

The compressed view you get at 200mm suits this subject really well.

And the viewpoint. High, camera held above my head.

I pre-focused using back button focus, then held the camera above my head, framing using Live View. These little tricks help produce different views from different angles giving different and hopefully more interesting images.

I also enjoy trying out different things and have just bought a new piece of kit which I am looking forward to using when it arrives. I will let you know as soon as I get it, and the accompanying accessory that is needed to give me a new angle on things!

Returning to this brand new image I am going to do some more work on this image in Photoshop - I have ideas about what to do to get this image to where I want it to be. This is another part of professional photography which I enjoy. Creating. Having ideas, seeing things, photographing them and then turning them into something. This is another reason I hope why we professional photographers can provide that something extra to our clients, with the creative side of our work coupled with the technical capabilities to bring these creative ideas to life. Creative photography - this is what it's all about.

As soon as I have the finished image I will write a further post explaining the whole process including before and after images.

And I have just had another idea for this image – something completely different which I am looking forward to working on.

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