That last Dorset image transformed in Lightroom to something completely different!

Black and white version of the shot posted yesterday

Black and white version of the shot posted yesterday

Ok so this is a different version of the shot I posted yesterday. 

Completely different! 

And it took 5 minutes in Lightroom. 5 minutes ish....

So how did I transform this image from a golden early morning picture of Dorset into this misty graphic black and white shot? 

This is what I did. 

Convert to black and white. 

Boost contrast.

Set black point.

Set white point. 

Global dehaze adjustment. 

Local dehaze adjustments using the brush tool. 

A bit of dodging and burning. 

And that is all. 

5 minutes to produce a completely different shot. 

So the question is - is this ok? After all I am hardly representing what was there. But this is fine to me.  I have created something in Lightroom. To me that is as creative as any other work that is done in Photoshop. It is a lie with no clear boundary. I think it becomes an issue when you try to claim something which it is not.

I would not do this for commercial work without telling the client. Or unless I was asked to do this. 

As long as everyone is open and. Honest about the editing that they do then that is fair enough for me. All images used commercially have been edited to some degree. Photo-journalism the least, all the way to composite shots where different parts of images are merged together to create an alternative reality. And where is the line? That is the question. 

Just enjoy creating. Creative photography is a wonderful thing. Do what you want and enjoy it. 

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