Rick McEvoy Photography - my business in one page.

I have been reviewing the content of my home page, what is says, and the messages it gives out. And, more importantly, what people visiting my website think.

My tagline?

High quality architectural photography, commercial photography and industrial photography by Rick McEvoy LBIPP.

I need to focus more on what I specialise in, which is;

High quality architectural photography

High quality commercial photography

High quality industrial photography

And what do I photograph?

Building exteriors and interiors, construction sites, refurbishment projects, commercial spaces, completed developments, construction products.

So that is basically buildings.

Buildings in the public and private sectors. Commercial, retail, industrial, residential, and education premises, as well as plant, utilities and infrastructure.

One thing that makes me different from most photographers (I would imagine) is my experience working from heights, access platforms, scaffolds, boats, confined spaces and other controlled environments.

And I am offering a new aerial photography service using a drone.

And who are my target clients?

Architects, builders, developers, consultants, designers, agents, property owners and house holders in both the public and private sectors.

So that is who I work for, my specific target market, the environment where I excel photographically.

So why should someone use me as their professional photographer?

Well it’s nice of you to ask.

I provide a personal, bespoke, high quality, efficient professional service to each and every client. I combine technical photographic excellence and creative composition with expertise in Lightroom and Photoshop to provide high quality, individually edited images.

The combination of these skills along with the use of the latest techniques and technologies and my industry experience ensure that you receive a high quality, hassle free experience.

That is me, my photography, what I do, who I work for, who I want to work for and what I am best at doing.

In one page.

Which was not as easy as I thought to capture.

So there you have it. That’s it. All about me!

Thanks for reading this post, please come back to my blog tomorrow for a post which will have a brand new image I promise at


Oh yes sorry I forgot to say where I do all this good stuff.

Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Dorset and Hampshire are my primary locations, but I also work from time to time in, and am looking forward to working more in the future in, Cornwall, Devon, Surrey and Wiltshire.

And London.