Rick McEvoy Photography Portfolio - Looking back, going forward in 2016 and beyond

So my review of my 2014 Photography Portfolio is complete. And now it is time for my 2016 Photography Portfolio to be finalised.

Thoughts so far?

There is more variety than I expected in the 204 set. I quite like the mix of architectural photography, landscape photography, construction photography and commercial photography work.

There are some really good images in there.

But it will be interesting to see how many make it to the 2016 set.

I am going to the Photography Show 2016 at the NEC on Saturday 19th March, and have booked a portfolio review with my professional photography institute, the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP).

What is the purpose of my Photography Portfolio? What will I use it for?

Well the bottom line is that I want a cohesive set of images that represent the best work that I have produced to date, and show potential clients what they can expect when they hire me.

My portfolio defines my style, right now. It has to be up to date and reflect the work I want to be commissioned to produce. I have spent a lot of time working on my style, my look, and this has to come through consistently in my images.

My target markets are as follows. Well again I will extract a page from my website home page, which you can access at


“Photography of building exteriors, building interiors, construction sites, refurbishment projects, commercial spaces, completed developments, construction products.

Sectors covered – public, private, commercial, retail, industrial, residential, education, plant, utilities and infrastructure.

Experience working from heights, access platforms, scaffolds, boats, confined spaces and other controlled environments. Aerial photography by drone.

Clients - architects, builders, developers, consultants, designers, agents, property owners and house holders in both the public and private sectors.”

That is who I am aiming at. This took quite a while to come up with. This is on my home page. I want potential clients to identify with me.

So that is what my portfolio needs to focus on.

My landscape work is, in effect, secondary to this work. Yes, I use this work to develop my skills, and my work is available through a couple of commercial stock agencies (one in the UK, one in the USA). And most importantly this is my personal work. All done by me for me with no external pressures.

And this is where I get stuck. I want both.

So guess what?

I am going to do both.

I am going to have one portfolio for buildings, and one portfolio for landscapes. Simple.

Well it sounds simple but there was a lot of thought on the way to this end point. I have probably overthought this, and needed to capture my thoughts and break this down into what I want.

In Lightroom I have been assembling new collections of images. The Collections feature is so powerful in Lightroom.

I have assembled the following collections under a Collection set called “Portfolio 2016” (not surprisingly!).


Building exterior

Building interior





In (my target collection)







And 9 individual commercial shoots.

This is not wasted work as these image sets reflect the structure of my website, so at the same time, with the help of the power of Lightroom Collections, I am also creating new image sets for my various web pages.

But at the end of all this I will have two distinctly separate sets of images



And now that I have broken it down I can go through my Lightroom catalogue at my leisure and add to the collection sets I have, knowing that there is structure to what I am doing, and that I will also be producing future benefits for my photography business.

And I feel happier knowing how I pull all of this together. 40 images. No more. I will break down each discipline to 10 images as well (sorry to keep going on but Lightroom Collections make this super easy, and don’t forget I do not have any of my images on my laptop hard drive - these are all Smart Previews).

Last word on Collections. If you have your images on a separate hard drive, if you use Collections you don’t have the ? next to each and every image and folder. Just saying…..

As for what the BIPP want – approximately 40 images. So that is fine. 20 building shots. And 20 landscape shots.

OK time to get to finish this job off!

I will be no doubt posting lots from the Photography Show tomorrow, and will write over the next month or so about my new Photography Portfolio, what is in it, what is not in it, and where I go from here.

Thanks you for sticking with me while I go through this process, and please come back to my blog on Sunday where I will post my “Highlights of the Photography Show” at