New Dorset Photography Image set - how I came up with the set of 12 images


As part of my portfolio review I came up with sets of 10 images as well as my main body of commercial photography work.

These are mainly recent shots, and some re-edits of older shots.

I already have pages specifically for Bournemouth, Poole and Sandbanks, so my Dorset photography page is a collection of pictures of Dorset - images not in one of those three areas. Hope this makes sense?

You can access these other pages at 

Bournemouth photography

Poole photography

Sandbanks photography

But back to my new set of Dorset images.

Well firstly there are 12. Not 10. Why I hear you ask?

Well 10 does not work on my website. I have gone with a grid layout for the first time, so four rows of three is the order of the day here.

So I start with 10 images.

I ditched one shot of Corfe Castle that I no longer like. Thinking about it, what was it doing there anyway?

So down to 9 now. First replacement is the shop shot. I will write separately about these images over the next couple of weeks.

So two more images to find to make my set of 12 Dorset photos. Pop back to my blog tomorrow at

to find out which are the two additional images for my Dorset Photography web page.

Oh yes - before I go - sorry I forgot. 

Lightroom Collections. 

I will say it again. Collections in Lightroom are just the best thing to work with, and unlock Lightroom Mobile and all that goes with it. I did not get collections for a long time, but once you get into them and the mobile part of it you will learn to love them just like I have. So now my Lightroom Catalogue (I need to merge two catalogues back together so I have one complete catalogue again – a legacy from my hard drive problem) filing needs some attention. Another subject for a separate post – I currently have my filing in folders with some catalogues.

Also remember that storage in Collections is unlimited, and combine that with Smart Previews and you have a very powerful mobile package which syncs back and forth. 

Collections and Lightroom Mobile have literally transformed my mobile workflow.