Portfolio Image 2 - Winchester School of Art - More Striking Architectural Photography

Winchester School of Art by Rick McEvoy Architectural Photographer  

Winchester School of Art by Rick McEvoy Architectural Photographer  

This is image number 2 in my new commercial photography portfolio.

I was commissioned to photograph the new library reception and entrance area. This was an interesting construction project, with the new frontage you can see being added onto the front of the existing building. The interior views were challenging but I got some good results.

Winchester School of Art is part of the University of Southampton.

For architectural photography my aim is to produce an image that is technically accurate.

Key things I am looking for are

Verticals need to be vertical, well they need to appear to be natural, actual vertical sometimes just does not work. (I will write a short post about a trick with this another time).

Colours have to be accurate.

Horizontal lines need to be horizontal.

The final image needs to show the building, as viewed by the human eye.

The final image also needs to be visually appealing. This is not always easy, depending on the subject matter, but my job is to make every subject as visually appealing as possible.

Architectural photography images also have to be accurate. It is fine to clean up an image and remove marks to surfaces, and the odd sign, poster etc etc, but there is a limit in terms of changing an image.
For my commercial photography portfolio I will do more cleaning up than I would for a client shot, as normally commercial architectural photography is about reproducing what is there. If c client wants things removing or moving fine – it is down to each client’s individual wants, but I start with a base accurate image

That’s all from me for a Saturday morning – please visit my architectural photography page at www.rickmcevoyphotogrpahy.co.uk/architectural-photographer for lots more of my work