Photography Portfolio Image Number 2 – Winchester School of Art – The final edit honest!

Photography Portfolio Image Number 2 – A new photograph of Winchester School of Art - Architectural Photography in Hampshire


Ok so this is the final final version honest of this picture of the University of Southampton building in Winchester.

Winchester School of Art, Architectural Photogtaphy of the University of Southampton  

Winchester School of Art, Architectural Photogtaphy of the University of Southampton  

On reflection from my last final edit, I changed the white balance and gave it a bit more exposure, just a quarter of a stop, to boost the image and make it brighter. Thats all that has changed.

This image is now done. Thankfully straight after image 3 which I have just polished off before coming back to this one quickly.

Onwards to image number 4 now.

So the settings for this shot were

Canon 6D. Canon 17-40mm F4L lens.

Tripod – B&Q 6 step ladder with Manfrotto Magic Arm.

Focal length used – 17mm.

ISO 800


AV mode

Exposures, all at F8

Shutter speeds 1/13th, 1/50th, 0.3 of a second.

I used the two stop over and two stop under exposed images to create this HDR shot in Lightroom.

Adjustments were the usual suspects in the Basic Panel, lens correction of verticals and horizontals. And then in Photoshop I cleaned up some items I did not want, removed some noise and moved the bin to the right to balance out the exposure. And of course some dodging and burning – my favourite thing in the world I have to say!

Now I am fine with this (moving the bin) as I could have moved it to where it ended up, I just did not think to do so at the time. After the shoot, once it was dark, I was looking at the scene and actually went back to see if I could move the bin and yes I could so that is all good and how the scene could have been.

This is a really strong image for me, and is a great use of a pair of stepladders and a clamp!

I hope that you enjoyed the videos I have posted over the weekend, but I am back now to my architectural photography in Hampshire, or some recent architectural photography in Dorset, which will be featured on my next post, and go into my portfolio. Yes, I know I said I have just done image number 3, but I have just found something else which I might sneak in.

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