Adobe Lightroom CC - write down your catalgoue details - a professional photography tip!

Quick professional photography tip for a Friday afternoon.

Write down the name and location of your pictures and your Lightroom catalogue and keep it somewhere safe on your computer.

Ths morning I turned on my PC, loaded up Lightroom (a daily task), and it was empty. Worse than that I got the introductory video explaining Lightroom. Which I have been using since 2007.


I looked for where I thought the catalogue was but I was wrong. I tried that catalogue and it was still empty.

So a bit of panic set in.

Then I made a cuppa, and thought about logically. I located the catalogue, clicked on it, and voila, up popped yesterdays finished images, the last thing I was working on.

Write this info dow. Seriously. It saves that horrible moment when Adoble Lightroom CC has a wobble. Which it is does a bit too often for my liking.

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