Poole Quay, Dorset, 180 degree IPhone video

More iPhone videography brought to you with the help of YouTube.

I am a professional photographer in Dorset. And I am a very amateur videographer anywhere on the planet. 

But I am enjoying quickly taking and sharing these 15 second snippets of places in Dorset that I find myself. Poole Quay is one of my favourite places in Dorset I have to say, with the port, quiet as it might be, and the boats going back and forth.

And most appealingly me to me the constant movement of water in and out of Poole Harbour. Such a large inland body of water with only one outlet direct to the sea, with the Bramble Bush Bay chain ferry running back and forth across this opening. 

So much to see in this great Dorset location. So I hope you enjoy my videos, as technically poor as they are at the moment! 

Please keep coming back to my blog to watch my videography skills very slowly improve other the year.  

And of course my ever improving photography work.