The shot I didn't get as I was in a hurry!! A big black barn in a yellow field

Sixpenny Handley, by Rick McEvoy Dorset Photographer

Sixpenny Handley, by Rick McEvoy Dorset Photographer

This is a shot taken on my IPhone. I take photos on my IPhone as reminders of locations and as visual references. 

I was driving back from Salisbury to Poole, a journey I quite often make. There is a field with a black barn. I have photographed this scene before. 

So I stopped quickly, took a couple of shots of the scene on my IPhone and did a quick video. I took a couple of high level (a post long overdue explaining this I know) and then drove off.

I had been driving for a while and remembered that I should have taken a low shot of the yellow field, the black barn and the blue sky.

Blue and yellow with a black barn in the middle.  

So I have to go back. On a sunny day. I a day with some interest in the clouds. Late afternoon. Before the field is harvested.

Rather specific! 

And now I am writing about it I thin this shit will work great with some bad weather. Maybe drop a bit of fill flash in the foreground to give bright yellow under a dark stormy sky. And a long exposure to get movement in the clouds. 

Endless variations and possibilities.

But this is how photography works. You find a location. You return to it. You work out the angles and timing. Then you go back.

And hopefully when you go back you have the time. 

The time to create something special. 

So I know exactly when I need to go, and know the shot I want. I will of course take other shots - work the scene if you like - and will look forward to editing and publishing my work. 

I will write about this location, and hopefully I will produce a new image for my Dorset Photographer page, which you can view at


i will be completely honest with you - there is an image on that page which does not work which I want to replace, but I want to update my Dorset Photographer page with new work as it is part of something else I am working on. I want 20 images which are just pictures of Dorset, a Dorset Photography Portfolio.

Thanks for reading this Sunday post, and please call back tomorrow for another post about something photography related. 

I am a professional Dorset Photographer specialising in architectural photography, and all aspects is photographing the built environment.