You Tube - Yes I have my own You Tube Channel! And videos on my blog now

Why I hear you ask? 

Because video is a natural extension of still photography, and something I am asked to do from time to time.

I am learning this very, very slowly on the side using just my IPhone and my imagination. (Even more slowly than when I drafted this post!).

That should be enough! 

I am posting my videos on You Tube, which is rather important being owned by Google. And being as clever as You Tube is it means I can add these videos to my Squarespace blog in no time which is good.

How do you get to my You Tube Channel? Just click here

Well that was the theory. This all stopped as soon as it started. Something I need to get back into. My aim now in February 2017 is to produce one video per month and post it to You Tube and my photography blog

You Tube is the second biggest search engine after Google after all! 

This gives me a blog with even more varying content including; 

  • Portfolio photography images
  • Quick edit images
  • Photography News
  • News on my photography business
  • Detailed articles on photography subjecta
  • Photography tips
  • Quick photography tips
  • Iphone images and brief snippets
  • Videos

And anything else remotely photography related.  

I am also posting my videos to Instagram, the excellent photographers platform.

Taken from the draft post saved in May 2016. 

Rick McEvoy Photography

Less than average videographer in Dorset

Thursday 9th February 2017