Request for a new feature for Lightroom CC please Adobe. Batch HDR Merge processing.


Request for a new feature for Lightroom CC please Adobe.

Batch HDR Merge processing.

Is this possible? Seems a bit backward to have to manually go through the process for each image set. I am writing this as I wait for a batch of 45 images to be processed into HDR shots. This is a set of architectural interior photography images I am working on for a client.

The frustrating thing is that this feature is so good I use the same settings for most images, as I can tweak them after in the newly created DNG file.

Possibly a plug-in someone can produce?

I know you can do batch stuff in Photoshop but I want this in Lightroom please. Photoshop for me is for removing gravel and builders debris.

All it needs to do is to apply HDR Merge to a selection of bracketed images, then pop the newly created Dng file into the top of the stack.

Yes, this will take a long time, the more images you choose the longer it takes. But that’s fine for me. When I import from a shoot I build Smart Previews and 1:1 previews on import. It takes a long time to do this to 16GB of files at a time, but I know this so plan my day so I go and do something else like have a beer and come back to it much later. And the importing is done, along with the initial develop using keywords.

It is then that I have the painful job of creating the HDR files. Bracketed set by bracketed set. This is even worse as the auto stack by capture time is such a brilliant feature.

If I knew anything about this, I’d do it myself! I might just put the idea to some developers and see what they think! Yeah right of course I won’t.

But one day you never know – someone might read this who knows how to create such a feature.

Back to the merge for me…….