Lightroom Mobile 1 minute edit of landscape photography glacier image

Swiss Alps by landscape photographer Rick McEvoy

Swiss Alps by landscape photographer Rick McEvoy

Another 1 minute edit in Lightroom Mobile on my IPhone. 

In restoring my catalogues I came across some landscape photography stuff that I had not forgotten about but was pleased to rediscover. 

I quickly put three images into a new catalogue and synced with Lightroom Mobile, meaning I could come back to them whenever I had a minute free and not necessarily in front of my PC. 

This is literally a 1 minute edit on my phone of an 8 year old JPEG. Not bad! 

When I am back at my pc I will have a play and see how much more I get out of this shot. It may well be that this edit is all I need. As a professional photographer I can get a bit obsessed with the processing side of things forgetting that all that really matters is the end image. 

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