Hampshire - Looking up to the sky through New Forest Trees - another new Hampshire Photographer picture

Blue sky through trees in the New Forest, by Rick McEvoy Hampshire Photographer  

Blue sky through trees in the New Forest, by Rick McEvoy Hampshire Photographer  

The New Forest – look up in the winter!

Looking up from the ground, bare trees all around with no leaves, a deep blue sky and white fluffy clouds.

An interesting shot of a different viewpoint.

Looking up works well photographically, as not many photographers take photos with this viewpoint. It is these different viewpoints that make pictures such as this one. We have probably all walked through a forest. Some of us have looked up. Not as many as who have actually walked through the forest. And of that reduced number of people who have walked through a forest and actually looked up, how many stopped to take a photo? And how many of those people walking through that forest who looked up and took a photo did so with a fisheye zoom lens, lying on their back on the ground?

Thats the point. Not many if any.

This is the point. 

Go to places, explore them, find new angles, photograph them in different ways. 

This is what I do

Technical info for this shot? 

Taken on my Canon EOS 6D, using my 8-15mm F4L fisheye zoom lens, at 15mm. 1/1000th second, F8, ISO400, lying on my back. On one of my best pieces of photographic equipment - a £10 groundsheet!!

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Rick McEvoy , LBIPP, MCIOB