Video of the chain ferry from Sandbanks to Studland, Poole, Dorset

Another high quality video from my You Tube channel. The Bramble Bush Bay Chain Ferry, Poole, Dorset. 

This is a long video from me, but to the same standards as other videos you can view on my blog and my You Tube channel. 

Low quality that is. 

Nothing too serious for a Saturday morning!! 

But my video production standards are consistent. Give me time and I will be producing epic moving picture fare for you all to see. 

OK I won't. But I do hope that door those of you not lucky enough to live by the sea enjoy the snippets in my videos taken in Dorset and Hamsphire. 

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This page has 12 of my pictures of Hampshire. Not surprisingly. 

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Please keep coming back to watch my videography skills develop.